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World Mental Health Day

#WMHD10th October – World Mental Health Day…so what can you and I, and we as a community, do?

1. Put out a message of love and hope in blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, … you get the idea 🙂 ;

2. Send a message of support and encouragement to a friend, to a beloved, to one in need;

3. Establish a meaningful connection with one, just one, person today;

4. Ask a friend ‘R U OK?’ and stay and listen;

5. Take a ‘mental health’ day – do something you enjoy today because you deserve it;

6. Make a mental health promise to yourself;

7. Write a list of things you do that makes you feel better. 

8. Do one of those things today.  Remember:

mental health me


Have a beautiful day!


 – FlorenceT


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