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A feminist – He & She

Gender stereotypes affect both women and men.

How?  Watch this enlightening video of Harry Potter girl’s (Emma Watson) speech at the United Nations for UN Women.



So men, join women in supporting feminism.   Be a feminist – who, by definition, is a person who believes and supports women and men to have equal economic, social, and political rights and opportunities.

Let’s look to a future where our sisters, our daughters will not be ‘less’ or ‘can only be’ just because they are women, where our brothers, our sons will cease being ‘not enough’ just because they are men.

Personally I hope my children get the message of gender equality… well, they are on my ‘brainwashing program’ :-). But seriously, I believe my role as parent and guide requires me to educate and role-model respect for and embracing of difference, to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each of us, to refuse to polarize humanity into right and wrong, better and lesser.  To do that, there will be the need to question the dominant paradigm of sexism, and to take a stand for equality of the sexes.

I look to a time when my ‘brainwashing program’ will no longer be required.

What do you do or how do you be, in your life in order to say ‘yes’ to gender equality?

– FlorenceT


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