Grief – a necessary elixir


“There are those, however, that are not frightened of grief: dropping deep into the sorrow, they find therein a necessary elixir to the numbness.When they encounter one another, when they press their foreheads against the bark of a centuries-old tree…their eyes well with tears that fall easily to the ground. The soil needs this water.   Grief is but a gate, and our tears a kind of key opening a place of wonder that’s been locked away. Suddenly we notice a sustaining resonance between the drumming heart within our chest and the pulse rising from the ground. ”   –David Abram


Grief is part of life.  No matter the nature of the loss – loss of dreams, loss of ideals, loss of innocence, loss of faith, etc. – we grieve.  It is necessary in order that we may move forward to a new chapter in our lives – we have little choice in that.  Let it be.

We however have a choice in how we grieve that is, how we respond to the losses in our lives.

CHOOSE a response that makes you a more compassionate person, brings you closer to fulfilling your potential, lifts you up, expands your awareness.


What are your thoughts on this?

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