Winter wind – a renga

This renga is a gift from someone very dear, my daughter S.  Thank you!



The cold winter wind

Brings a flock of huge black crows

Murder on the bough.


Dancing in the air

Soft and fluffy snowflakes fall

Blankets all the world.


Wolves cry to the moon

Haunting sounds are everywhere

Deep white wilderness.


The crows are calling

Something’s in the cold night air

Watching from afar.


Moonlight penetrates

Making lanterns in the trees

Lighting up the snow.


In the winter wild

Silent haunting forests stand

Brings the sound of fear.


All is silent now

There is nothing to be heard

Just the winter wind.


~ by S.


 N.B. Renga is a type of Japanese collaborative poetry, made up of a collection of haiku.

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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