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Trust and let go


‘Trust in the universe’ is a much used phrase.  Is trusting in something so intangible or unverifiable ‘trust’ or is it ‘faith’? Well, sometimes all we can do is believe – believe that our children will be alright, believe that she loves you in spite of the odds, believe that what happened has a reason, a purpose.

Trust is not living in the land of reciprocity, necessitating an expectation of being given back.  It is believing that what we have given is enough, that we have enough to give; and that no matter the outcome, we are going to live now.

Trust is believing that once we have done all we can, the outcome will take care of itself – that it is what it is, beyond our control. So let go – let go our attachment to a future we expect, we desire, but has minimal control over.

Make the most of what we have now, in this moment, for every moment of our lives.  Let the future announce its plans!

Breathe, trust, let go and live!

– FlorenceT


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