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Underneath your clothes

Who is the person underneath the clothes, the costume each of us wear in our daily life? 
Have you ever wondered?  I have.  At first, at the woman sitting alone in the cafe in her unfashionable clothes; or the man leaning casually against a wall at the entrance to a shopping mall; or the young lass with piercings on her nose and eyebrow sitting at the bus stop.  Then I thought, what do others see in me, me in the dark business suit striding across the street, or me in the casual ripped denim out running errands, or me in the gypsy skirt at a local market…permutations of me, or is it? Then again, they will be through the eyes of strangers.

Which then got me thinking.. how do we see our beloved? Do we experience them as they are in the clothes they wear, or as they are underneath their clothes?

Sometimes we forget, sometimes we assume the person for the clothes she wear, for his physicality, for what she presents on the outside.  To know the person beneath the clothes, we need to see with our minds and our hearts; to deny the expectations and stereotypes our world has imposed upon us, to be open to the many and varied possibilities of being human.

For me, underneath my beloved’s clothes is ‘an endless story’ – a man informed by his experiences, fueled by his creativity, complex and talented, sometimes doubtful, occasionally resigned, a little lost but always moving forward. And that is beauty personified. That’s the man I see.

So the next time you lay eyes on your beloved, whoever he or she may be, consider this – do I see him (or her) underneath his clothes?


Wishing you love,
– FlorenceT


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