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When facts don’t exist

It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires.    Hilary Mantel


mystery space

This empty space, the unknown, the silence… where our brain has been trained to search for proof, evidence, facts and found none.  Where do we go then?  Is it an opportunity as Hilary Mantel suggested, to pour our fears, fantasies and/or desires into the gap?

Do we question this alien space, fearing the worst thus preparing for the worst by shoring up our defenses, putting on our armour, readying for battle?  Do we dread the nothingness and proceed to fill it with our fantasies, taking ill-informed risks, imagining a place of unknown thrills, dangers, pleasures, or mere difference to what is known?   Do we relish this place without facts and taking advantage of its lack of boundaries, pursue desires that would in ‘normal’ circumstances be censured, to say the things that would be judged unconventional or even rude?

Where is this gap Mantel refers to?  It is in our minds when we fail to grasp certainty or reasoned ‘truths’; it is in our daily life when things happen that don’t make sense, that don’t accord with our plans; it is in our spirit when we continue to seek elusive ‘truths’ without faith in our unfolding lives.

And what do we do when facts don’t exist? What can we do? Is faith enough to see us through?  I believe so.  Sometimes it is enough to just allow life to unfold, to attend to its messages, to manage only that which is within our control; it is enough to listen to and follow our instincts, to be patient and wait.

How do you respond when you are in the gap?

Wishing you faith,
– FlorenceT



4 thoughts on “When facts don’t exist”

  1. Slowly the ‘knowing’ gets stronger, those ‘what if’s’ are more understood until eventually we have gained a belief within ourselves, and finally in doing these things, we realise we are in fact loving ourselves more and more because of that. The fears drop away and an acceptance of who we really are within becomes the normal.
    It is a process like all else we learn in life, till we eventually understand it is in believing in ourselves that our truth is finally found, regardless of wealth, looks, station in life or other. That acceptance is our truth. Once found, never released. As we go through life, the wisdom gained, the love found and lost, all gradually bring us to that place. That belief that is us.
    It is one of the hardest things to do, loving ourselves, because we have had a lifetime of ‘ negativity’ and find it difficult to pursue.
    The reality of our journey is one of understanding the duality of our life. We struggle through life not believing in ourselves, having little confidence in our acts, which keeps that duality in place. It is when we realise what is really within us that connection occurs and our journey is not a struggle but one of peace for we have found what we have so long looked for. The love and belief of self.
    Good thinking post Florence, makes the mind ponder. Namaste


  2. Nicely put. For me, I always like to live in the question. ‘Facts’ are often only in the eye of the beholder. One persons truth can often be another persons fallacy (or absence of truth). By living in the question it helps me not get too hung up on the ‘gap’ because let’s face it, ‘gaps’ are everywhere. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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