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How often do we hear the call for perfection… to make the perfect souffle, to wear the perfect ensemble, to have the perfect face for the camera… our world’s obsession with ‘perfection’ knows no bounds.  Well, there is no ‘Perfection’… for perfection is subjective. 

Yet it is the impulse of the human spirit to strive for improvement.  So what do we, what can we strive for?  I suggest, GRACE.

Grace in movement – fluid and elegant;
Grace in manner – gentle, kind and courteous; and
Grace in speech – calm and with charity.

‘Grace’, in Judeo-Christian tradition, is unmerited favour which God grants to his people. For me, away from the strictures of institutionalized religion, grace still holds meaning akin to a measure of me – who elevates another, who gives space for growth, who does not bind or condemn, who does not look for reciprocity as a way of being.

For me, the beauty of the human spirit is grace embodied.

So, instead of perfection, perhaps we can hold ourselves to a standard of Grace, at the least it will do no harm.

– FlorenceT



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