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Catch me when I fall


All of us desire and long to know we are connected to someone or something meaningful and valuable to us, no matter what gender we are.

One of those connections may be with our beloved.   And within this connection, there is the feeling of “I would like someone to take care of me” – at the end of the day when I am weary, when work seems overwhelming, when disappointments strike.  We want someone whom we can rely on to provide the safety net, who will catch us no matter what.

the feeling that I would like someone to take care of me – See more at:

I am a feminist.  I am not going to explain what this means for me, even as I acknowledge that perceptions of feminism are so varied.  Maybe another time…  Why am I writing about this?  Because I have encountered many voices in recent weeks espousing the need for women to feel safe.  I agree wholeheartedly.

Let us not forget men too are deserving of this gift.  It is after all the essence of the human connection.  Am I safe with you?  Will you catch me when I fall?

So, here’s an article for your reading pleasure and pondering – Men Are Worthy, Despite What We’re Taught.

We are humanity!

With love,
– FlorenceT

Men Are Worthy, Despite What We’re Taught

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