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Hold on

‘Hold on’ is perhaps a mantra for the weary, who are ready to lay down and let whatever it is wash over them, when it seems there is nothing left inside to rally.  This, I’d imagine, is a slow and painful death of the soul and spirit.

And we have been there, have we not, if only for a brief moment when giving up seems to  be the easiest road to take, when all the striving of the past have not yielded the result we had longed for.  When hope for the future is wearing very thin.

This post seems to contradict a past post, Choose to let go.  It does not.  Hear me out 🙂

I would never say choosing to let go of old habits, old thought patterns or old friends is easy.  It is damn hard.  Change is hard.

Once the choice is made, then the act begins – to take that first step and another and another to realize the choice.  The result? Well, the transition or change is usually not instantaneous.  In the meantime, the practicalities of life remains.

It is in those moments that we remind ourselves to just ‘Hold on’.

Don’t you know things can change
Things’ll go your way
If you hold on for one more day



Psst.. I know it appears I have a penchant for pop music, well I do 🙂 among other music genre.


3 thoughts on “Hold on”

  1. 🙂 Change is a necessary constant of life. We need to learn how to embrace it. I recently wrote an article titled let it flow on that topic.


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