Being alive, Pain

You are enough

You are enough

Gather yourself
You are enoughWaiting
No more, sweetheart
No more waiting
No more anticipating
The signs, the love
The universe has spoken.


reaching for the starsFeet on solid ground
Reaching for the star
Oh, if only to fly
And you are home
Wherever you may be
You are home
In your heart of hearts.


Home and safe
From the ravages of timesafe harbour
The betrayal of those undeserving
The brutality of the world beyond
Faith, my child
The world will unfold
As it will
Faith and Love.

There is nought you need to do
self loveNought you can do
But hold yourself
Gather yourself to you
Comfort your wounded soul
Love who you are
Who you have become.


Healer, heal your self
Your wounds mark youHealing
As they ought
To remember your courage
Your strength in adversities
Your love despite the ugliness
Your spirit never failing
You are whole.

You are enough.

–  FlorenceT


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