Haiku Challenge – Turtle, Snail

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #2

Word: turtle, snail


Wow, this is a tough one, especially when I don’t have a particular affinity to these creatures… here’s the attempts anyway.

Like turtle majestic

Gliding steady assured proud

The snail is thus.


Or, as I imagine them not alive…  Hope I don’t offend.

Turtle soup scrumptious

Filling the hunger within

So the snail confit.


It’s done!



6 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge – Turtle, Snail”

  1. Your haikus didn’t follow the standard 5,7,5 but were … 6, 7, 4… and 6, 7, 5. At least that is what I thought of a haiku. Anyway they are cool.


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