10 things I want to know… about men

Ronovan posed some interesting insights and questions (?) about women, some of which I have no response – though I did pick Hugh Jackman over David Beckham and Vince Diesel.  Seriously, who wouldn’t? Don’t answer that!

So being ‘inspired’ by Ronovan’s humorous post, here are my all time questions about men… perplexed me for years and no satisfactory answer as yet 🙂 

Here’s a challenge for you out there!


What is it with chasing white balls around all day? Golf, baseball …etc. Oh, please don’t say ‘we love team work’ cause then you can help me mow the lawn or cook!


What is it with watching other men chasing balls? Oh, let’s not forget the talking, yelling, shouting at the TV while at it!


What is it with long hair on a woman (picture this – said long hair gently blowing in the wind, or draped over… you get what I mean).


What is it about the need to feel competent at all times?  Classic case of not asking for directions – guess men are never lost, always ‘I know we are heading in the general direction’? Or not asking where the dukkah (an Egyptian spice) is shelved, always ‘let’s just walk through each aisle, should be here somewhere!”


What is it about envy of other men in rock bands?  Or worse, the emulation? Is it the guitar toting, or the front man allure,…what is it?


A man in a well-cut suit… how come few men get the ‘well-cut’ or the ‘suit’?  And I am referring to those who could afford to do so but somehow don’t do it… Have they any idea what they’re missing?


Mateship… I get friendships and the close support friends provide.  However, the back-slapping, awkward hugs, non-emotional interaction (unless alcohol is involved).. what’s with that?  This could be a cultural (being an immigrant of South-East Asian origin) as well as a gender issue.  Well, is it?


This just got a little serious… What is it with the refusal to be considered as ‘nice’, or for that matter, an outright acting out against ‘nice’?  I know it’s a 4-letter word – a damn good one in my view – and so sexy done right.  So, reason for the denial?


This is the big one… for me.  What do men do with their emotionality? Where do they channel it?  Men feel, I know they do, but many would be loathed to show it except for perhaps the acceptable trio of anger, humor and lust.


This leads from the previous one.  Do men wish they could express their emotionality?  In the context that we the people will not deride or mock it, that we do not think man is ‘wuss’ for owning and expressing feelings, that we actually respect and admire the courage and strength, that we know it is part of being human. 

Do you, men out there, long for a more accepting world?


Phew, that’s done… I’m sure there are more questions out there (men are such complex creatures! *I can hear the protests already*) but this is the best I can do in the time I’ve got.




  1. Here are my more serious answers to the questions.
    I love to cook so, let me see. Sports balls are like laser pointers for cats. We just like to act like kids because it takes us back to a time when that’s all we had to worry about, playing ball.
    We like to watch other men with balls but we think we know about how to bounce balls, drive balls, hit balls, and handle balls better than those who get paid for it.
    I wrote an article about length of hair so maybe I’m not the one to answer, but I think whatever you’re happy with. But I suppose that perhaps a man gets this picture of the long hair trailing down the woman’s bare back and his entwining his fingers in it as he kisses her throat or something. I don’t know.
    Hmm . . . I’ve only been lost one time that I know of, and that’s when I was using the written directions I was given. I think men just like to think they know where they are going and what they are doing. Ladies, I am sure you can attest to this in many . . . aspects of life.
    I really can’t help you with this one. Okay, I can only think of two things; being the front man out there and the focus of the adulation and sex.
    Depends on the guy, some of us just want to go comfort and are not trying to impress I suppose. While others have no fashion sense.
    No idea. Maybe they are . . . no not going to say it, you can just refer to questions one and two.
    Nice is seen as being a pushover in many parts of society, at least by men I guess. In the work place you can be run over as a nice guy in many places. I was a nice guy that moved up the ladder fairly well but then was pretty much attacked. In relationships with women . . . I like to think I’m a nice guy. But maybe the media image seems to make men think women like a little bad boy in them, and the nice guy gets pushed down just a little too far.
    Men don’t express their feelings. We’re supposed to be the tough cowboy, soldier type. Emotional means weak to some. We hold them in. It’s just one of those things. Women tend to want to talk about things and express themselves. Men sulk. It’s probably why we die sooner. Me personally, I think you may be able to see in my writing that I express that emotionality here.
    Yes. I think we would love to. Just putting it all out there for everyone to see would make everyone better off and make it a healthier world.
    I think the world would be healthier if everyone could feel free to express without fear of being ridiculed.

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    1. #10, #9 – so men are delusional 🙂
      #8 “…or something…”
      #7 and women would like to be able to rely on their judgment calls 😉
      #6, #5, #4 no comment!
      #3 gonna change that paradigm… btw I think women would love men who treat us well and able to embrace their shadow side!
      #2 ‘supposed to be…” says who?
      #1 thank you!
      Wow, this conversation can go on forever…


  2. I will be working on the answers that I have. But I want to give them some thought first. 🙂 Wanted you to know I saw this and love that you did it. Amazing. This is truly a huge compliment.

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