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Postaday – Now? Later!

Procrastination destination… well, it’ll have to be ‘destinations’, plural.  Where wouldn’t I go to avoid doing something?!

The most common one is into my books.  Now there are two ‘types’ of procrastination here – the first is the mundane, hard to justify ones like, dare I say it, reading romance novels.  Seriously, it is no excuse to avoid dusting by reading romance novel, is there? Well?  Then there is the reading of professional journals – now that is when I sit proud in my lounge room.  Can’t you tell I am reading something for work?  Somehow suggesting it is for a greater good, ha!

Another destination is my music – where I spent hours (well, maybe this is an exaggeration but long enough) looking into and downloading music for the devices I own.  This is the covert procrastination where I appear to be doing what I am supposed to be doing but not really. Because I am busy looking for and downloading  song tracks.

And then there is ‘appearance can be deceiving’ procrastination – behind my glasses looking thoughtful, considering, when in actual fact I am trekking the Inca trail, or sampling Moroccan ‘cuisine’ at the bazaar, in my mind.  Daydreaming – traveling without leaving my chair…

Which brings me to the most insidious of procrastination destination – the internet. I could be here, there everywhere – saving the whales, petitioning for gender equality, attending a TED Talk – anything really.  And this mindless purposeless activity could take up an entire afternoon.

My favourite however is the “I have something else more important to do’ type of destination – you know what I mean.  It is the I need to dust before I clean the toilets, the I have to read all these ‘relevant’ books before I can write a review of this one book, the need to run some errands away from home before I weed the garden… These jobs need to be done, for sure, but I know that they are to avoid the ones I’m supposed to do now, instead of mere joy to do them.

The question I have for myself is this: what do I do to avoid writing posts for my blogs, to avoid writing …  Well, I have not even identified the fact that they exist…but I will be noticing 🙂  Will advise you when I find out!

procrastination quote


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