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Choose to let go

“We need to find the courage to say ‘NO’ to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.” Dr. Barbara De Angelis

It is never easy to give up the things that we’ve ‘always’ done or ‘always’ had. They have become habits that we are reluctant to forgo or perhaps unable to. And perhaps because they are familiar, they give us a sense of belonging, of comfort, of security, of certainty.

And it is never easy to say ‘no’ to people in our lives who have been there for so long but we have now outgrown – a little like the permanent fixtures in our home which by their existence, determines how we perform a related task in our home and by their familiarity, we no longer question their efficacy. Yes, ours and their respective interests have changed, we are travelling on different paths in life yet we still see them, sometimes out of loyalty and obligation. At best, we are comforted that we have remained faithful. These things or people may also be causing us emotional turmoil, or causing rifts in our other relationships, or worse.

Take courage, say ‘No’. It is time to shed a past which no longer honours who we are, time to be open to who we are becoming. I do not mean for you to dismiss these things or people, for they will remain a part of our life as having helped shape who we are. But remember, they nevertheless belong to the past.

To let go of these things of the past will likely hurt, for we mourn their loss irrespective of their value in our lives. And with people, our decision to re-discover and honour who we are may very well also hurt them. Yet as mature human beings desiring to live with authenticity, we have to make choices and to face these difficult decisions. Incidentally, by letting go of them, you might in fact be giving them space to grow as well.

I choose not to be bound by the past.  Will you?


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