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Birthday for an introvert

Postaday – It’s your Party

Birthday is a time for reflection.  An introvert like moi would like to spend most of that day alone.  Except for the morning ritual when my family showers me with gifts and breakfast in bed, those moments I savour.  The likelihood of intimate dinner with close family members may be unavoidable as they wish to wish me well.   Not being reclusive (though that sounds enticing at times!), it’s part and parcel of the many roles I have.  Please don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate everyone’s kind gestures and well-wishing.

Yet until and unless I get the opportunity to take myself to a quiet place so I can re-energize and ponder my past year, that day is not done…as I would like it too.  And it being my birthday, my wish comes first! 🙂   Some things I’ve reflected in that solitary space includes,

  1. What did I do successfully and why?
  2. What  did not work and why?
  3. What have I lost?
  4. What have I gained?
  5. Whether I have traveled this past year with grace?  Or ill-will?  How so?
  6. Who am I becoming?
  7. What will the future hold if I keep going as before?
  8. What will the future hold if I choose to embrace whichever changes occur
  9. Am I i willing to pay the price for the change?  What?
  10. How will I live each day with joy and without regret?

OK, it’s not as serious as the questions above may suggest.  I just take stock of my life…  I figure if one is expected to take a physical health check every 12 months (at least it is at my age) then the ‘check’ above would seem reasonable for my mental and psychological health.

Parties generally don’t do it for me. I am physiologically intolerant to alcohol so the idea of collapsing in a heap after two drinks is unappealing.  Food I love, but I probably would not go through the hassle of having a party when I could have food any other time.  The company of family and good friends – now this would compel me to have a party if we don’t see each other often but we do, so not much incentive there.  I prefer small group or one-on-one time with them where I am able to better connect and communicate. I did say I am an introvert, right?

So where do I go?  Somewhere where nothing is likely to intrude on my time and space.   To have no demands on my time, it is a treat indeed.  I celebrate my life as I see fit!

And when I’m ready, I will emerge from my ‘cave’ ready for whatever life throws at me! 🙂


What are your thoughts on this?

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