Wrong turn into a magical place

Postaday – Wrong Turns


The last time I got lost, I ended up in a a magical place.  Magical but no less threatening.  The people I encountered were highly intelligent – totally comfortable discussing the merits of poetry to the latest scientific invention to astronomical  studies. There was an essence about them, their interactions which I couldn’t name.  But then, I wasn’t too concern – I was ultimately in a foreign land.

It was there that I met Matthew – a sophisticated man with intricate taste in food and wine.  The same goes for his choice of music.  We spent hours discussing books and music, his lifestyle and mine.  His is beyond compare – the jet-setting and most importantly his access to the many places closed to us humble folks.  And if you think I’m gushing over him, well I am.  I think I half fell in love with him. 🙂

Then there is Diana.  What can I say – a woman of substance, also with many fears which were somehow hidden by her many talents, that is until you know her better.  Which I got to do over the short period of time I was there.  Her resilience through the many trials in her life is to be respected. I can’t find a stronger woman, I don’t think.

The many friends around Matt and Di loved and respected them, at varying degrees.   Most importantly, their bonds were strong.  Their friendships forged by some pretty harsh times they have encountered together.

Anyway, I found my way back after spending hours with them, exploring their world and I hope, bringing with me a little of their passion to protect the world they live in. Highly commendable, don’t you think?

I was interrupted from ‘Shadow of Night’ by the raucous laughter of the young persons in my life, only to realise that I had somehow been lost for several hours, in the pages of this mesmerizing book by Deborah Harkness.



6 thoughts on “Wrong turn into a magical place”

  1. Great use of the prompt; I never even thought about using “getting lost in a book” for this, and I couldn’t come up with a real getting lost thing, so I didn’t use this prompt. I love your idea though; as I get lost in books all the time. Thanks for this unique twist on this prompt.

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