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Four in the morning

Is it a coincidence that I came across this TED talk by John G Rives titled “Museum of Four in the Morning” (see below)?  I think not, because four in the morning is also my time.

Four in the morning …a moment
Far removed from yesterday
When the work is done, the lovemaking is passed, the party’s over
Far from tomorrow is begun
When the anticipation, the maneuvering take place;

There in the hour still and quiet
Your soul speaks of its desires
When you cannot hide from your inner most thoughts
When emotions cannot be suppressed
When hope is rekindled and passion reignited.


Each of us, I believe, needs to have a ‘special’ hour – to gather the parts of our selves lost, found and discovered over time and to re-assemble ourselves for a new day.

What is yours?   Find your hour.



What are your thoughts on this?

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