Fiction, Writing101

Day 7 A short dialogue


“Romantic love is a myth,” Sarah exclaimed, staring at her friends as if challenging them to contradict her.

“Oh, you and your ideas!” James said, rolling his eyes. “What?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

“That’s ridiculous, what you just said,” James firmly stated.

“No, it’s not, shall I tell you how romantic love first came to be?” Sarah turned to face James, looking intensely at him.

“Are you saying what we have is a myth?” James said as he raised his voice a little, pointing his right index finger first at Sarah then himself. Sarah shifted in her seat, “no, that’s not it…we may feel love for each other but…”

James shakes his head, “Oh, here goes…”

Taking a deep breath, Sarah dismissed James’ snide remark, continuing, “BUT…it could be an expectation, the idea of how love should be more than the feeling”.   “Oh, Sarah, like we will know… truly”. James retorted.

“That’s the point, we don’t, so how could you be sure what romantic love is or isn’t?” Sarah asked.

“So, what we have is not real then?” James persisted as he leans back on his chair, crossing his arms.

Sarah runs her delicate hands through her auburn hair, “it’s real but it is socially constructed…we are…”

Uncrossing his arms, James raises his hand, trying to get the waiter’s attention, “look I’m not over-thinking this, I love you and that’s all I need to know. Don’t care where it came from or what…”

“That’s simple, a cop-out” Sarah muttered.

Turning his head back to face Sarah, while still gesturing for table service, James drawled, “fantastic, calling me simple now.”

“Look, let’s not discuss this…not here. We’re obviously not going to agree. But has it ever occurred to you that perhaps we have love but not romantic love? Sarah said, as she turned back to her friends. “More wine, anyone?”


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