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Day 2 A Room with a View

There is no view beyond the walls of this imposing room. None that the eyes would find, as they are indeed riveted to the incandescent colours embedded in the dark grey stones holding up this structure. Hues of colours to accentuate the purpose of this room – to seek and find the One and the solace it affords. Glass deflecting sunlight shining from without, yet hardly touching the stone ground upon which this structure lays.

The dimness of this space calls to the lost souls, yearning for redemption and transcendence. They have flocked here to walk the path to enlightenment, to attain the elusive knowledge of happiness. How many have found this, I do not know. For I have come too, seeking peace and a temporal sense of freedom. To be alone and to gather strength, in order to find my way home.

Up ahead, in direct path of the light streaming in, lay the intricate circular path – the meditative path of the believer. For me, it is symbolic – of the sacrifice by and reward for the pilgrim. And so I walk, one step at a time, one breath at a time, head bow looking at the solid stone path. Anticipating as each breath draws close, I am one breath closer to finding the answer, the meaning of this entire journey.

There standing at the centre of the labyrinth, the knowing dawns. I am All there is, and It is me. There is wholeness in the nothingness, fulfilment in the emptiness… It is what It is. Seeking to know, to understand, is not the call. Just be.

I look up to the nave of this mediaeval structure, beams strong and supportive, so grand yet so humble in its function. Realising at last the power of the sacred lies within oneself.

What liberating sensation as I turn around, and walk with my head held high, out into the world beyond. I hold this moment of clarity gently, letting it sink into my very being.


What are your thoughts on this?

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