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A walk in nature

I took a walk today… to clear my mind of all the should-haves, could-haves, must-haves, must-dos, ought-to-dos, ought-to-bes…  There is no one-thing that disturbed me, yet the turbulence in my mind created a lot of noise.

The walk took me passed dogs frolicking and barking (at me 😉 ), rustling golden leaves of autumn enjoying their last days, trees standing tall yet bending as the wind blew, water trickling down a narrow stream carving a path on the rock, women’s laughter as they gather for morning tea, young children dashing here and there with their adults, innocent and free …

Dynamic and vibrant… the organic essence of life, and I felt them all, I relished them… and I was rejuvenated.

Sometimes, this is all it takes – to know when you need to be alone or be with someone, when you need to take time out to appreciate your world and see its beauty, and let yourself be carried away by the blissful moment.   Try it!

A Walk


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