Living life

The right time?

“How did it get so late so soon?”     Dr. Seuss

Sometimes we have to take time. To snatch what we can instead of waiting for the ‘right time’. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life going by, we put aside certain desires, delay conversations we ought to have, waiting or looking for the ‘right time’.

To measure our lives against the illusory concept of ‘time’ – how bizarre I’ve often thought. ‘Time’ used to be observed through the light of dawn, the angle of the midday sun, the glow of dusk; and the passing of seasons. Yes, not too accurate but sufficient for human activities. Do we truly need to measure our moments in milliseconds?

‘Time’ is merely a measurement, and it is not a universal constant as Einstein’s theories of relativity would attest. It is not concrete. Just as ‘2’ is not concrete but a symbol of the count, a concept for measurement. In fact, quantum physics have suggested the possibility time may not exist! Conventionally, reference is now made to ‘time and space’ in scientific circles, rather than just time, suggesting its mutability. But I digress.

The modern age has crafted a notion of ‘time’ as a commodity. How often have we been troubled by ‘the right time’ to forge a career, to get married, to have children, to travel, to relax, to rest – which premised upon us eventually having or owning this ‘right time’. Interestingly, or perhaps ironically, we recognize this ‘right time’ usually after the moment is lost.

Age and experience have taught me life is rarely about the ‘right time’ denoting a planned future time. The time for guidance and support is when my child unexpectedly wishes to share her concerns, not when I choose to listen at the appointed ‘right time’ just before bedtime; the time to write this post is when I am inspired to put my thoughts on paper, not whence I have set aside a ‘right time’ to do so; the time to share an intimate gesture with my partner is in that moment, not at the ‘right time’ of ‘date night’ (although that happens too!).

In short, life happens and how we respond to it then – with flexibility and grace, or rigidity and stress – is a choice we make.

Put aside the mindset of the ‘right time’.  Be ‘right’ in the moment!  Where are you now?


What are your thoughts on this?

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